6 Apr 2012

»How to Take Family Portraits

How to Take Family Portraits

Taking a family portrait is a great way to preserve a memory for a lifetime. While some may not enjoy getting their picture taken, there are ways to make it more enjoyable for everybody. With a few simple tips, your family picture can be a success and become a photo that can last for generations to come

1. Take your family to a smaller studio located in a store such as Wal-mart or Sears if you are on a budget. Prices in smaller studios are usually more affordable than the larger ones. Also, take the family to a nice outdoor scene, or a special place in the house, and use a digital camera to have the portrait taken by a friend instead of at a studio.

2. Dress in similar colors and try to avoid loud and colorfully-patterned apparel. Try to have all of the family wear similiar or coordinating colors in their outfits. Try colors such as white, dark, khaki, or navy blue. Have everybody comb their hair and be sure it is away from the face.

3. Decide on a location for the photo. It could be a family's favorite outing, building, outdoor scene, etc. Be sure that it is ready for pictures and the area is clean from debris. Watch for sunlight exposure as well as variable cloudiness too. If it is outdoors, be sure all weeds or sticks have been pulled. If it is inside somewhere, make sure that enough lighting is available. Be sure that there is a place for family members to rest in between photo takes.

4. Stay natural and true to your self. Share an inside joke amongst your family to bring out each member's natural smile when they laugh. Share this joke with the photographer so he can recite it just before the pose is taken. Be sure to have everybody in the portrait relax and try not to be afraid. There isn't any reason to be scared or uptight.

5. Mix it up. Have husband and wife portraits taken together only. Then try taking pictures of the children by themselves. Take a full family photograph as well. Take mom and daughter pictures or father and son pictures. Talk with your photographer about the different types of poses that you would like to take.

6. Choose your favorite poses after the session is over. Make sure that everybody in the family has gotten to state their favorite pictures. Reward any small children who made it through the session to let them know how happy you are that they participated in the photo. If you are on a budget, let other family members or friends order package add-ons such as wallets, 5x7's or 8x10's. This will help you save on money from ordering a larger photo package.

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